Bell Telephone at the 1964 World's Fair

The first line of Robert and Richard Sherman’s theme to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress contains an undeniable sense of optimism, stating, “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow/shining at the end of every day.” Technology is often about looking forward to a better tomorrow, and the Sherman Brothers’ song was a fitting theme for an exhibit that premiered at one of the largest expositions for technology and culture ever held in the United States.

Radio Parental Identification?

I'm not really the type to write about unsubstantiated claims or gossip, but the latest news about changes to Disney's FastPass system has sparked my interest. MiceAge recently reported on potential plans for FastPass, including the possible integration of Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID. Is it true? Who knows (except the Imagineers and the executives, of course). But it's important to note what RFID is and what it isn't.